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PR No.
Job Summary
Function : After Sales Service
 13142MandideepSenior Manager After Sales View
Function : Business Development
 14167NashikDeputy Manager - Sales - Switchgear View
 13474Aurangabad Executive/Senior Executive- Business Development View
 14016Aurangabad Executive /Senior Executive -Business Development View
 14364MandideepDGM - Head Growth and Strategy View
Function : Design
 14408NashikSenior Executive - Design View
 14306AhmednagarManager-Design View
 14176MandideepSenior Executive - Design View
 14236AhmednagarDeputy Manager - Design View
 14269Aurangabad Executive - Design View
 14413MandideepSenior Executive - Design View
 14410MandideepSenior Executive - Design View
 13471Aurangabad Senior executive/executive design View
 13453MandideepSenior Executive - Electrical Design View
 14529MandideepManager - Design View
 13964GwaliorDeputy Manager - Design View
 14093MandideepSenior Executive - Design View
 14124GwaliorDeputy Manager - Design View
 14264NashikSenior Executive - Design & Development View
 14334MandideepSenior Manager – Design View
Function : Development
 12520PuneSenior Executive - Design and Development View
Function : EHS
 14122AhmednagarDy. Manager-EHS View
Function : Engineering
 14193MandideepManager - Engineering View
 14550NashikExecutive Engineering View
 14324AhmednagarExecutive-LT Motors View
 14305GwaliorSenior Manager - Engineering View
Function : Finance
 14445MumbaiDeputy Manager- MIS View
 14384NashikSenior Executive - Finance View
 14400MumbaiDeputy Manager - Accounts View
 14402MumbaiDeputy Manager - Accounts View
 14335MumbaiDeputy Manager - MIS View
 14065GwaliorSr. Manager - Finance View
 14544KolkataDeputy Manager - Accounts View
 14197BangaloreExecutive - Finance View
 14278MumbaiExecutive - Treasury View
 14511AhmednagarSenior Executive - Finance View
Function : General Management
 14309GuwahatiBranch Head-Guwahati Branch View
 14348AhmedabadBranch Head - Ahmedabad View
Function : Legal and Secretarial
 14160MumbaiManager - Legal View
Function : Logistics
 14407NashikDeputy Manager-Finance & Commercial View
Function : Maintenance
 14351MandideepManagers/Deputy Managers– Maintenance View
 14361GwaliorDeputy Manager - Engineering View
 13767MandideepSenior Executive - Maintenance View
Function : Marketing
 14127AhmednagarSenior Executive - Marketing View
 14242PithampurSenior Executive - Marketing View
 14509MandideepSenior Executive-Transformers View
 14260AhmednagarExecutive - BOM verification View
 14147GwaliorTerritory Manager-Distribution Transformer View
 13632MandideepManager - Marketing View
 14516MandideepExecutive - Export Marketing View
 14530MandideepDy. Manager/Sr. Executive - Export Marketing View
 13508NashikDeputy Manager - Sales Secunderabad View
 14540GoaSenior Executive - Divisional Marketing - Commercial Motors View
 14377MandideepSenior Executive - Marketing View
 14339MandideepDeputy Manager - Marketing View
 14304NashikSenior Executive - Marketing View
 14395GwaliorExecutive- Marketing View
 14256NashikExecutive - Marketing View
 13770KolkataBusiness Development – Metals & Mining (Industrial Division) View
Function : Materials
 14174Aurangabad Executive - Materials - Switchgear View
 14446MandideepDeputy Manager - Materials View
 14537GwaliorExecutive - Materials View
 13856Aurangabad Junior Officer-Maaintenance View
Function : Operations
 14350MandideepSenior Managers/Managers– Operations View
 14252AhmednagarOperation Manager View
 14383NashikOfficer – Stores View
Function : PPC
 14373GoaSenior Executive - Procurement View
Function : Production
 14300NashikMV RMU- GIS Welding shop and Helium Leak Detection process supervisor View
 14378MandideepSenior Managers/Managers– Operations View
 14374Aurangabad Junior Officer - Maintenance View
 14504NashikSenior Executive - Production View
 14274AhmednagarExecutive - Production View
 14549NashikExecutive-Production View
Function : Projects
 14164GurugramDeputy Manager - Projects View
 13713GurugramSenior Executive - Projects View
Function : Purchase
 14321AhmednagarManager - Purchase View
 14332NashikExecutive Purchase for EHV GIS Division View
Function : Quality
 14326AhmednagarExecutive - Quality Assurance View
 14375Aurangabad Senior Executive - Quality Assurance View
 14338MandideepExecutive - Quality View
 14442MandideepDeputy Manager - Testing View
 14403MandideepSenior Executive - Quality View
 14404MandideepSenior Executive - Rail Transportation-Traction Electronics Division Mandideep View
 13936AhmednagarDy. Manager-SQA View
 14273AhmednagarExecutive - Quality View
 14347GoaSenior Executive - In-Process Quality View
 14263KundaimExecutive - Supplier Quality View
 14548GoaQuality Engineer - Fans View
Function : R&D
 14396MandideepExecutive - System Engineering View
 14542GoaMechanical Design Engineer View
 14275MandideepManager - Development - R&D View
 14555PuneDy. Manager - Inverter Software Design View
 13795MandideepDeputy Manager View
 13796MandideepManager View
 14349MandideepSenior Executive View
 14525PuneSr. Executive-Hardware Design Engineer View
 14522MandideepSenior Executive View
 14352MandideepSenior Executive View
 14390AhmednagarSr. Executive-LT Motors View
 14365AhmednagarDeputy Manager - R&D View
 14397AhmednagarSr. Executive - R and D View
 14381NashikExecutive - R&D View
 14298NashikExecutive R&D View
 14526MandideepSr. Manager - TCMS View
 14510NashikManager - R&D - EHV Switchgear AIS View
 14299Nashik1)New product development for MV switchgear AIS and GIS products 2) Detail engineering and mak View
 14386MandideepSenior Manager- Power Electronics View
 13619NashikManager - R&D - EHV Switchgear View
 14286MandideepManager - Product Management View
Function : Sales
 14343PuneArea Manager – D&A View
 14303MumbaiArea Manager - Pump View
 14277ChennaiTerritory Manager - Fans View
 14314JaipurArea Manager - LT Motors View
 14329JaipurTerritory Manager - D&A View
 14245CoimbatoreTerritory Manager - Fans View
 14287PuneTerritory Manager - LTM (Industry) View
 14376CoimbatoreArea Manager- LIM View
 14315JalandharTerritory Manager - LTM View
 14546ChennaiASM- Fans View
 14551GwaliorTerritory - Manager View
 13531JaipurArea Manager - FHP Motors View
 13636JaipurTerritory Manager - LTM View
 14021PuneTerritory Manager - FHP Motors View
 14336PuneRegional Marketing Manager View
 14330BarodaTerritory Manager- LTM View
 14200DelhiTerritory Manager – LT Motors ( Industry ) View
 14158DelhiManager - Business Development View
 14308JaipurTerritory Manager-Fans View
 14310NoidaTerritory Manager-Fans View
 13843LucknowGraduate Engineer Trainee - Sales View
 14190ChennaiTerritory Manager - Fans View
 14184PuneTerritory Manager - LT Motors (Trade) View
Function : Service
 14168NashikExecutive Service View
 14266MumbaiExecutive- Service View
 13827DelhiRegional Service Manager View
 13468MandideepDeputy Manager - Service View
 14539NashikSr Executive- Service for Medium Voltage Switchgear View
 14337NashikAfter sales service executive View
 14368DelhiDeputy Manager - Industrial Service View
 14506BhubaneswarService- CPD- Bhubaneswar View
 14319Nashikservice Executive- Kolkata View
 14318NashikService Executive-EHV Switchgear View
Function : Services
 14398Nagpur Executive - Service View
 14313KolkataSenior Executive - Services, D&A View
 14528KolkataManager - Industrial Service View
Function : Six Sigma
 14536MandideepSenior Executive - Six Sigma View
Function : Sourcing
 14535GoaExecutive - Sourcing View
 14508MandideepDeputy Manager - Sourcing View
 14523MandideepSenior Executive - Sourcing View
 14331NashikDy. Manager Sourcing for EHV GIS Division View
Function : Supply Chain
 14320MandideepDeputy Manager - Supply Chain View
 14547NashikExecutive - Planning & MIS Reporting View

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