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PR No.
Job Summary
Function : Accounts
 12343MumbaiExecutive / Senior Executive - Finance View
 12598MumbaiManager-Accounts View
 12563ChennaiBranch Accountant - Secunderabad View
Function : Accounts
 12277MumbaiManager - Cost Accountant View
Function : After Sales Service
 12554ChennaiDeputy Manager - After Sales Service View
 12589ChennaiDeputy Manager - After Sales Service View
 12409GoaManager - Service View
Function : Application - R&D
 12361MandideepExecutive - Design View
 12365MandideepExecutive - Rail Transportation - Traction Electronics - Mandideep View
 12265MandideepDeputy Manager - Application - R&D View
Function : Business Development
 11786NoidaDy. Manager - Business Development - IS View
Function : Design
 11856MandideepExecutive - Design Engineering View
 11907NashikSenior Executive - Design View
Function : Design
 12544GwaliorDeputy Manager-Design View
 12592GwaliorExecutive-Design View
 12364NashikExecutive-Design View
 12411MandideepExecutive - Design View
Function : Design and Technology New Product
 12095NashikSenior Executive - Development - R&D View
 12557NashikExecutive / Sr. Executive - Design and Technology View
Function : Development
 12479AhmednagarSenior Executive - Design and Development View
 12390MandideepDeputy Manager - R&D View
 12520AhmednagarDy. Manager- Design and Development View
 12521AhmednagarDy. Manager-Design and Development View
Function : Development - R&D
 11804MandideepEmbedded Progrmmer View
 12161NashikExecutive - Development - R&D View
Function : Domestic Marketing
 12299MandideepDeputy Manager - Marketing View
 12229NashikExecutive - Domestic Marketing View
 12164NashikSenior Executive - Domestic Marketing View
 12527NashikManager - Marketing View
Function : Domestic Marketing
 12586MumbaiDeputy Manager - Sales View
 12525ChennaiDeputy manager - Sales View
 12432ChennaiTerritory Manager - FHP Motors View
 12465ChennaiArea Manager - LT Motors View
 12326ChennaiRegional Product Head - LIM View
 12154ChennaiBranch Manager-Bangalore View
 12325ChennaiRegional Product Head - FHP & CPD View
 12336ChennaiTerritory Manager - Drives & Automation View
 12420ChennaiTerritory Manager - Consumer Product View
 12418ChennaiTerritory Manager - Consumer Product View
 12467ChennaiTerritory Manager - FHP View
 11962ChennaiTerritory Manager - LT Motors View
Function : Electronics
 12480MandideepManager - Development View
 12583MandideepAnalog Electronics Executive View
Function : Finance
 11331MumbaiDy. Manager - Business Finance View
Function : In Process Quality and Inspection
 12463MandideepExecutive - Quality Assurance View
Function : Incoming Quality
 12550MandideepExecutive - Quality Assurance View
Function : International Marketing
 12056NashikExecutive - International Marketing View
 12175NashikDeputy Manager - Exports View
Function : Maintenance
 12577AhmednagarMaintenance Engineer View
Function : Manufacturing
 11834NashikExecutive - Production View
 11905NashikSenior Executive - Production View
Function : Marketing
 12347PithampurExecutive - Marketing View
 12539AhmednagarExecutive - Marketing View
 12262GoaSenior Executive - Marketing View
 12601MumbaiTerritory Manager View
 12313MumbaiTerritory Manager - LIM View
Function : Marketing
 12593MumbaiTerritory Manager View
 12580MumbaiExecutive - Territory Manager View
 12579MumbaiTerritory Manager - Senior Executive View
 12587MumbaiTerritory Manager - Industry View
Function : Marketing - Commercial
 12568AhmednagarExecutive marketing External Customer like railway etc View
Function : Mechanical Design
 12600MandideepExecutive - Development - R&D View
 12510MandideepExecutive - Development - R&D - Drives View
Function : Operations
 12578AhmednagarExecutive Tool Room Service View
Function : Product Quality
 11805NashikDeputy Manager - Quality Assurance View
 12172NashikManager - Quality Assurance View
Function : Production
 12020AhmednagarExecutive - Production View
 12576AhmednagarShop Floor Production Incharge View
Function : Production Planning Control
 12588GoaManager - Planning View
Function : Quality Assurance
 12417GoaSenior Executive View
 1807NashikDeputy General Manager -Quality Assurance View
Function : Quality Assurance
 12408GoaHead - Quality View
Function : Quality Department
 12451AhmednagarSenior Executive - Quality View
Function : R and D Application
 12542MandideepExecutive - Electrical Design View
Function : R and D Development
 12363MandideepManager RTSD Marketing View
Function : Regional Marketing
 12548MumbaiExecutive - LT Motors (Territory Manager) View
Function : Sales
 12360NoidaSenior Executive - Sales - LT Motors View
 12426KolkataTerritory Manager- Consumer Products View
 12021NoidaExecutive - Sales - FHP Motors View
 12280MumbaiSenior Executive-Drives View
 12258MumbaiSenior Executive - Drives (Baroda) View
 12428NoidaDeputy Manager - Sales - Consumer Products View
 12433MumbaiTerritory Manager - Consumer Products (Baroda) View
 12556ChennaiChennai Branch Head View
 12399NoidaSenior Executive - Sales - LT Motors View
Function : Security
 12312NashikDeputy Manager -Security View
Function : Sourcing and Procurement
 12502GwaliorDeputy Manager - Materials View
Function : Sourcing and Vendor Development
 12537AhmednagarSr. Executive/ Executive- Supply Chain View
Function : Supply Chain
 12373Nashik4-7 Years of Experience in Purchasing and Vendor Development of Steel/Cu/Al components and Imports. View
Function : Talent Acquisition
 12584Mumbai Executive - Human Resources View

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